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How can your website help with your political strategy?

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Every politician has a political strategy. You got elected, you’d like to stay elected, in fact you’d probably like to get reelected. Now the big question is how to make all of this happen. As a politician you were elected so that you could change things. That means that your political strategy needs to be an organised, purposeful effort to create the change that is expected of you. It turns out that your website can go a long way in making this happen…

Problems, Vision, & Change

As an elected politician, when you start create your political strategy you need to identify a set of existing situations that your voters care about. You may have already dealt with these issues when you were running for office or they may be new issues that have popped up since you took office. Having identified the issues, you then need to sit down and carefully map out who is affected by the issue both positively and negatively. As we all know, you can’t make all of the people happy all of the time, but as an elected politician you sure need to find a way to keep most of them happy!

Once you know the issues that matter the most to the people who will be voting for you, it is time to dive into each issue and understand what problem they really want you to be solving. Once you’ve identified this, you’re going to have to clearly communicate with the voters that you are on the case. Next you need to create and communicate your vision of how the world will be, once the problem is resolved. Hey, you’ve been elected to change the world, tell everyone what that world is going to look like once you are done changing it.

The last step is arguably the most important step. Now you are going to want to tell your voters just exactly what changes you could make happen that would bring your vision into reality. In order to accomplish this in the 21st Century, you’re going to need an effective web site. GSL Solutions HillTop content management system and website builder may be exactly what you need.

The GSL Solutions HillTop political content management system has the ability to automatically create web sites that are viewable on voter’s laptops, tablets, and cell phones.. HillTop makes it easy for political staff members to quickly add new information on the issues that matter the most to your voters to a web site in order to keep up with rapidly breaking news. Once the web site has been created based on all of the information that has been entered, HillTop provides website visitors with an easy-to-navigate site that will allow them to quickly find how you are going to be changing things to make their lives better..

Stakeholders, Relationships, & Targets

The next stage in developing your political strategy has to do with the three most important things in your life: stakeholders, your relationships, and targets. The very first thing that you’re going to have to do is to determine who will be affected, both positively and negatively, by the issue. Keep in mind that because someone will be impacted, this is an issue that may play a key role in how they’ll vote in the next election.

As a politician, you need to realize that all of your voters are linked together in some way -- and they may not even realize this. You are going to have to take the time to discover how are these people or groups related to the problem and to each other? There’s not enough time in the day to address the needs of each individual voter so this means that you’re going to have to tailor your message to groups of voters.

Which leads up to the next step: identifying the groups of voters that you are going to want to be communicating with. You’ll be creating custom messages for each of these groups so you’ll want to make sure that you can clearly identify what voters belong to which groups.

Having identified what you want to tell your voters and having used a modern, effective web site like the one created by GSL Solution’s HillTop service, you are now ready to work to answer the ultimate question: If your political strategy is successful, then who will be affected? These will be the people that you’ll want to work the hardest to make sure that your GSL Solutions HillTop web site is able to reach out to and connect with.

What All Of This Means For You

Congratulations on getting elected to office. Now you are going to have to have a political strategy in order to both be effective and to get reelected. That strategy is going to require you to identify issues, people, and to create an effective web site to communicate with your prospective voters.

An effective political strategy starts with identifying voter problems, your vision, and your understanding of what you can do to cause change to occur. It then moves on to identifying your stakeholders, crafting relationships, and then targeting the voters whose support you are going to need. Throughout all of these steps, you are going to need a modern website such as one built using the GSL Solutions HillTop content management system and website creator. Use this powerful tool to communicate your political strategy to your prospective voters and you’ll become virtually unstoppable.

- Dr. Jim Anderson HillTop – Political Web Sites That Get The Vote!™

Question For You: All issues are important to voters. What the best way to discover which issue is the MOST important to voters?

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